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PTS Limited was founded in 1982 by James V Paterson after he had served as Sales and Marketing Director with a technical agency based in Glasgow for 20 years. Over the course of these years, major developments have been made into several markets with many prestige companies being involved. These markets include Oil Tool and Valve, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Earthmoving, Mining, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Diesel Engine, Power Generation, Machine Tool plus many others.

PTS Limited were the first company in the world to encourage our suppliers to supply Rolled Spheres for the ball valve market by profiled rolling techniques and today still lead the field when it comes to quality, in terms of the dimensional profiling that can be achieved. In addition to this, PTS Limited also encouraged suppliers in the supply of Composite Valve Blocks, Casing Heads, Spools, Tubing Bonnets, Valve Bodies to the oil industry. We are proud of our supply sources, some of whom we have had for 25 years. All of them are leaders in their field in their own product technology.

In these days when many companies do not have the time to find material sources in the world supply markets, PTS Limited has the time to find the qualified source you maybe looking for. We have researched around the globe for competent, accredited suppliers and we can find the source you require.

Based in Central Scotland, PTS Limited provide the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland with sales coverage and while we are proud of our past achievements, we are committed to providing our customer base with a continuing high level of service and commitment in the future. We look forward to being of service to you so please contact us with any enquiries which you may have and we will action them as quickly as possible.




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