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Knitted Metal



Knitting metal produces a matrix of interlocking loops that can move relative to each other without permanent distortion. Each loop is actually free to move in three directions, giving the material a two-way stretch. All metals that can be produced as wire can be knitted together, for example:

  • Alloy Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Copper
  • Gold
Additional versatility and resilience, as well as a reduction of surface friction, can also be obtained by combining non-metallic materials with the metal.

Knitted metal products can be manufactured using various diameters of wire and can be configured in different link densities. The products can also be supplied fabricated into casings with particular suitability to Blowback Control. Many of these products are custom designed to meet specific customer requirements.



Noise Abatement


  • Sealing and Gaskets
  • Filtration
  • Mist Elimination
  • Separation
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Noise Abatement
  • Vibration and Shock Damping
  • Diesel Engine Blowback Control


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